Profile Welder - One source Multiple Solutions

Our profile welders are developed for applications ranging from frames ,panel box, weighing scale , stands and similar range of welding requirements by both GMAW and GTAW methods.
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With the system highly power efficient and our innate focus on intelligentized welding manufacturing (IWM) process, we have developed our system to be less operator dependent and ingeniously welder much smarter.

Profile Welder Features & Benefits

  • Faster Movement : Runs up to 200mm/sec in Closed loop system.
  • Swift Welding : Variable from 5mm/sec to 50mm/sec.
  • Complex profiles ranging from, Linear, spherical, conical & helical interpolation can be done.
  • 7”/12” Wide screen Human Machine Interface.
  • Load capacity on fixture bed from: 0.1 ton to 10 tons.
  • CAD2MOTION software support option.
  • DXF Import programming option available.
  • Closed cage cable management systems.
  • Gearbox with high precision and low backlash 6Arcmin.
  • Milled Bottom base frame mounting bed.
  • Motion Control Systems with 64bit compared to 32bit position precision registers & with 533Mhz Arm11 processor.
  • Servo Systems upgraded form MINAS to A6 which optimises complete closed loop motion control with safety interlocks.
  • Additional Input & Output Module for safety systems & provision for expansion of axes as option.
  • New & Improvised NIKIT – Teach User Interface with 100 lines of single teach program & expandable up to 250 lines also available.
  • IIOT module integrated for online data & alert monitoring (requires internet connectivity). All the data logging & machine process alert files with program upgradation can be done online.

Lap Joint

Multiple Pass

Butt Joint

T Joint

Corner Joint


Profile Welder Applications

Frame Welding

Structural Welding

Cycle Frame

Rebar Welding

Fuel Tank Welding

Rack Welding

Fixture Welding

Stator Welding

Truck Body

Machine Bed

Fuel Tank

Mounting Brackets

Data Logging and Cloud Monitoring

The machine Data Logger represents leading edge technology in welding and machine data collection and logging. The micro-controller based weld data acquisition system provides a means of measuring and documenting all basic machine parameters when used with external PC.
Cloud-based monitor that requires either an Ethernet connection or can be used on a cellular network. Once the physical connections have been set and powered, the rest of the setup is

Basic Feature

  • Input & Output Monitoring
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • LAN Module
  • Sequence Reports
  • Purging Enable / Disable
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Machine Data Logging
  • Weld Cycle Limits

Advanced Feature

  • Error Report Sheets
  • Gas Pressure Monitoring
  • Wire Feed Monitoring
  • Air Pressure Monitoring
  • Camera Monitoring System
  • Operator Data Logging
  • + Basic Features

Monitoring Benefits

Operator Data Logging

  • Can get the reports of operator work timings in the machine.

Air Pressure Monitoring

  • Complete machine pneumatic line air pressure can be monitored.

Error Report

  • Machine errors, input/output errors, sequence errors etc. Can be monitored through the report generated by the system.

Sequence Report

  • Machine sequence. Flow chart can be monitored.

Machine Data Logging

  • Machine used time, production rate, power consumption etc can be monitored.

Weld Cycle Limits

  • Can monitor and set the weld cycle limits per shift or based on the production requirements.

Wire Feed Monitoring

  • MIG / TIG wire feeding can be monitored. (Helps in planning for the pre ordering of wire spools without interrupting the production)

Maintenance Monitoring

  • Machine maintenance report, online service, programming modification/ change, copy etc can be done.

Purging Enable/Disable

  • Fine art of getting a URUNAMI weld bead by creating a gas chamber inside the component. (feature is available only for the orbital welder)

Camera Monitoring System

  • Can monitor & access the camera setting and features. (If camera is used in the machine)

Remote Monitoring

  • All features of the machine can be monitored over the internet through this Machine facility.

LAN Module

  • LAN cable connecting port is provided to connect & transfer the data from control system to cloud storage facility over internet.

Gas Pressure Monitoring

  • Welding gas pressure can be monitor.

Input & Output Monitoring

  • Machine IP/ OP can be monitored.

Weld Table and Elements

The innovative plate, slot & hole system of the welding table provides multiple clamping surfaces, channels & points, so whether you are building a dedicated fixture , short run fixture or one-time use fixtures, this weld table adopts to your work needs.
Complete access to the table top, multiple clamping surfaces & standard clamps are key to greater efficiency in the set up and tear down of projects. Helps you to work more safely and more efficiently while maintaining the accuracy and consistency.

Fixture bed Technical specification
  • Flatness : 0.3/ 1000mm
  • Hole Separation : 50 ±0.038mm
  • Top Plate Thickness : 15mm
  • Hole Diameter : ø16mm
  • Surface material : STEEL IS2062
  • Nitriding Case Depth : 0.01- 0.02mm
  • Load Capacity : 1-8 ton
  • Coefficient of Friction : 0.37
  • Surface Hardness : HV 450
Jigs and Fixtures Model Specifications
  • For Gantry Type Applications
    Bed size : 5m x 3mFT-4030
    Bed size : 4m x 3m
  • For Cantilever Type Applications
    Bed size : 3m x 1.5mFT-1607
    Bed size : 1.6m x 0.75mFT-1007
    Bed size : 1m x 0.75mFT-3010-SL
    Bed size : 3.0m x 1.0m

GANTRY TYPE Model Specifications

PW-GT-F-O-403010 / PW-GT-F-C-403010
  • Machine size: 5m x 4m x 2m
  • Stroke: X1 & X2 : 4m; Y:3m ; Z:1m; a : 360ᵒ
PW-GT-F-O-703010 / PW-GT-F-C-703010
  • Machine size: 8m x 4m x 2m
  • Stroke: X1 & X2 : 7m; Y:3m ; Z:1m; a : 360ᵒ
PW-GT-A-O-171205 / PW-GT-F-C-171205
  • Machine size: 2.5m x 2.5m x 2m
  • Stroke:X1 & X2:1.7m; Y:1.2m ; Z:0.5m; a:360ᵒ
PW-GT-A-O-101005 / PW-GT-A-C-101005
  • Machine size: 2m x 2m x 2m
  • Stroke: X1 & X2 : 1m; Y:1m ; Z:0.5m; a : 360ᵒ
  • RP-H-O/ RP-H-C
    5th Axis—Rotary positioner heavy type
  • RP-M-O/ RP-M-C
    5th Axis—Rotary positioner medium type
  • TS-ST-05-P
    Tail stock—Pneumatic Slider type – 500mm
  • TTF-O/C | TTR-O/C
    TIG Torch kit—Rotary or fixed type

CANTILEVER TYPE Model Specifications

PW-CT-O-10505/ PW-CT-C-100505
  • Machine size: 1.5m x 2m x 2m
  • Stroke: X : 1m; Y:0.5m ; Z:0.5m; a : 360ᵒ
PW-CT-O-150505/ PW-CT-C-150505
  • Machine size: 2m x 2m x 2m
  • Stroke: X : 1.5m; Y:0.5m ; Z:0.5m; a : 360ᵒ
PW-CT-O-100502/ PW-CT-C-100502
  • Machine size: 1.5m x 2m x 2m
  • Stroke: X : 1m; Y:0.5m ; Z:0.2m; a : 360ᵒ
  • RP-H-O/ RP-H-C
    5th Axis—Rotary positioner heavy type
  • RP-M-O/ RP-M-C
    5th Axis—Rotary positioner medium type
  • TS-ST-05-P
    Tail stock—Pneumatic Slider type – 500mm
  • TTF-O/C | TTR-O/C
    TIG Torch kit—Rotary or fixed type

Available Accessories

  • Welding power source MIG
  • Welding power source TIG
  • TIG wire feeder axes
  • Auto Voltage Controller with linear axes 100mm
  • Fume extraction system
  • Weld table and elements
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Auto darkening Welding helmet
  • Gloves & welding apron
  • UPS –3KVA / 5KVA
  • Auto torch cleaning system
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Weld Parameter integration
  • Special customised fixtures