Who We Are

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Nikit Engineers with the brand name ‘nikit’ has become synonymous in the field of welding automation for solving most of the complex welding applications catering from Hydraulic to Medical Industries. We have manufactured & installed more than 1200 welding machines and 300 plus welding automations for over 20 years and have a welding expertise for more than 40 years, welding seems so naturally soothing.

Nikit’s commitment towards the consumer is evident in the best of its service through the year round service warranty and high regard for our customer relationship. With the bright yellow colour symbolizing happiness in the dedication of each product and dark black colour that brings forth the perfect elegance through which the machine has been designed, are our symbolic colour combination.

Our Vision

Cater every vertical of the industrial sector where intense labour be catapulted to automation beneficiating precise productivity with minimal activity. We are accustomed to the trends, needs and wants of the customers and the industry hence our commitment for excellence has taken us many miles ahead of our competitors. The ultimate vision will always be customer service and satisfaction through the course of our operations.

Our Mission

To deliver the most functional Automation having highest of Quality, Lean Operative and to outlast the best of Performance with a high productive rate. Every bit of our mission puts the customer in the fore front of our growth. We are Nikit Engineers, always by your side! The Welding People.

Our Founders

Niranjan Sir Founder Nikit Engineers Welding Automation and Robotic Solutions India



Catering to over 42 years in automation and complying to one of the most varied segments in the industry.

T.N Pradeep Kumar Naidu Co Founder Nikit Engineers Welding Automation and Robotic Solutions India

Pradeep Kumar Naidu


Over 10 years of design expertise & automation technology integration know how.

Our Team

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We are all ears to projects that are exciting, unheard of, in idea stage. Innovating each day is what keeps us going and we look forward to doing the same for you. Get in touch!

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