Orbital Welder - First choice for connector tube welding

Our product caters mainly to hydraulic connector tube specific welding requirements by both GMAW & GTAW methods. The system is suitable for applications where the component is held in position and the torch rotates for the perfect weld bead.
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Test results from over 250 bar to 1200 bar has been successfully achieved for various applications in this process of welding. Our solution involves 40+ years of welding expertise serving the hydraulic cylinder industry right from cylinders to high-pressure & low-pressure connector tubes.

Orbital Welder Features & Benefits

  • Linear Movement : Runs at 50mm/sec
  • Rotation speed for TIG: Up to 20deg/sec
  • Rotation speed for MIG: Up to 35deg/sec
  • Auto TIG/MIG Wire Feed Unit
  • Purging System
  • Weaving & Oscillation Mode
  • Multi Weld bead mode
  • MIG / TIG change over kit
  • Advanced teach type programming
  • Touch Human Machine Interface
  • Load capacity on fixture : 50Kg.
  • Uranami weld bead
  • AVC (Auto voltage controller)
  • Auto backup function to prevent losing programs and data even when the battery runs out
  • Up to 4-level password protection protects your source programs and intellectual property
  • High-speed pulse output: 4 sets of 200kHz pulse output


Multiple Pass



Wire Feeder


“Ura” means reverse side and “nami” means ripples. Uranami is used to descried the penetration bead protruded on the reverse side of the groove when welded from the face side of the groove (one side weld-ing without backing materials)


Accurate Control of the Distance between the Welding Torch and the Surface, and maintaining its uniformity, plays a very important role in the quality of the end result of the welding process. Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) or Torch Height Control is the device which maintains the uniform gap between torch and component by adjusting the base welding voltage automatically coming from the welding machine.
It accepts a voltage feedback from the welding rectifier and moves the torch mounted on a stepper motor operated slide near or away from the job automatically maintaining uniform distance. This gives excellent and uniform weld quality.


Weave bead welding is exactly as it sounds; you will make a weaving pattern in order to cover a larger area. You use this motion to make cover welds over stringer beads (multipass welding). In other words you use this when you are layering welds. It’s used when you make two or more welds on the same seam.

Orbital Welder Applications

Boom Pipes

Flange Assembly

Hydraulic Tube End Connector

Cast / Machined Nut – Tube Joint

Water & Air Inlet / Outlet

Hydraulic Connector Tube

Bent Tubes and Pipes


Earth Moving


Food Processing Industry

Automobile Industry

Data Logging and Cloud Monitoring

The machine Data Logger represents leading edge technology in welding and machine data collection and logging. The micro-controller based weld data acquisition system provides a means of measuring and documenting all basic machine parameters when used with external PC.
Cloud-based monitor that requires either an Ethernet connection or can be used on a cellular network. Once the physical connections have been set and powered, the rest of the setup is

Basic Feature

  • Input & Output Monitoring
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • LAN Module
  • Sequence Reports
  • Purging Enable / Disable
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Machine Data Logging
  • Weld Cycle Limits

Advanced Feature

  • Error Report Sheets
  • Gas Pressure Monitoring
  • Wire Feed Monitoring
  • Air Pressure Monitoring
  • Camera Monitoring System
  • Operator Data Logging
  • + Basic Features

Monitoring Benefits

Operator Data Logging

  • Can get the reports of operator work timings in the machine.

Air Pressure Monitoring

  • Complete machine pneumatic line air pressure can be monitored.

Error Report

  • Machine errors, input/output errors, sequence errors etc. Can be monitored through the report generated by the system.

Sequence Report

  • Machine sequence. Flow chart can be monitored.

Machine Data Logging

  • Machine used time, production rate, power consumption etc can be monitored.

Weld Cycle Limits

  • Can monitor and set the weld cycle limits per shift or based on the production requirements.

Wire Feed Monitoring

  • MIG / TIG wire feeding can be monitored. (Helps in planning for the pre ordering of wire spools without interrupting the production)

Maintenance Monitoring

  • Machine maintenance report, online service, programming modification/ change, copy etc can be done.

Purging Enable/Disable

  • Fine art of getting a URUNAMI weld bead by creating a gas chamber inside the component. (feature is available only for the orbital welder)

Camera Monitoring System

  • Can monitor & access the camera setting and features. (If camera is used in the machine)

Remote Monitoring

  • All features of the machine can be monitored over the internet through this Machine facility.

LAN Module

  • LAN cable connecting port is provided to connect & transfer the data from control system to cloud storage facility over internet.

Gas Pressure Monitoring

  • Welding gas pressure can be monitor.

Input & Output Monitoring

  • Machine IP/ OP can be monitored.
    Self-centering mechanisms are constructed using guided rods and the central screw rod. This is used to hold and align the job to the center of the axis for range from 25 to 90mm diameter pipe. Weight of the axis is 10.097Kg. It can be operated as both manual and automatic.
  • 3 JAW / 2 JAW CHUCK :
    A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder. The jaws are tightened up to hold the tool or work piece. Often the jaws will be tightened or loosened with the help of a chuck key.
    For our application 80 diameter of 3jaw chuck and 130dia of 2 jaw chuck is utilize to hold and clamp the job from both inner ID and outer OD as per the application.
    This plate is used as the base mounting plate for the chuck kit (2jaw or 3 jaw).
    Height adjustment is achieved with the mechanism of the screw rod with guide axis. In this system the rotation motion is converted into linear motion. Total stroke of the axis is 500mm. It can be operated as both manual and automatic.

Model Specifications


  • Machine size: 1100mm x 700mm x 1730mm
  • Stroke: X-100mm ; Z-100mm ; A-740ᵒ
  • Rotary speed for TIG : up to 20deg/sec
  • Number of axis : 3 axis
  • Concentricity : +/- 0.2 mm
  • Interpolation Repeatability : +/- 0.15 mm
  • Machine bed parallel accuracy: +/- 0.2 mm
  • HMI screen: 4” High resolution screen
  • Job Holder : 20Kgs


  • Machine size: 1100mm x 700mm x 1730mm
  • Stroke: X-200mm ; Z-200mm ; A-740ᵒ
  • Rotary speed for TIG : up to 20deg/sec
  • Number of axis : 3 axis
  • Concentricity :+/- 0.2 mm
  • Interpolation Repeatability : +/- 0.15 mm
  • Machine bed parallel accuracy: +/- 0.2 mm
  • HMI screen: 4” High resolution screen
  • Job Holder : 40Kgs

  • AVC :
    Auto Voltage Controller, linear axis for 100mm
  • (SC-M) Self Centring – Manual :
    Screw Rod Mechanism—150mm stroke
  • (HA-M) Height Adjustment – Manual :
    Screw Rod –500mm stroke
  • ATWF :
    Auto TIG Wire Feeder
  • (SC-A) Self Centring – Auto :
    Screw Rod Mechanism—150mm stroke
  • (HA-A) Height Adjustment – Auto :
    Screw Rod –500mm stroke

Available Accessories

  • Welding power source TIG
  • Welding power source MIG
  • Fume extraction system
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Auto darkening Welding helmet
  • Gloves & welding apron
  • UPS –3KVA
  • Auto torch cleaning system
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Weld Parameter integration
  • AVC
  • MIG connector kit
  • Special customised fixture – Manual / Auto