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Welding Automation Products

Circular Welder

Mini circular welders are developed exclusively for rotary components ranging from 10mm to 200mm diameters catering to both GMAW & GTAW weld methods with manual height adjustment systems, torch dual axis rotary angle markers & a basic mode data logger for a professional weld.

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Cylinder Welder

Our cylinder welders are developed for applications ranging from flange welding, Circular port welding, Rectangular port welding, Rod-eye welding, End cap welding and Name plate welding of hydraulic cylinders and tanks by GMAW or GTAW process.

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Profile Welder

Our profile welders are developed for applications ranging from frames ,panel box, weighing scale , stands and similar range of welding requirements by both GMAW and GTAW methods.

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Orbital Welder

It caters mainly to hydraulic connector tube specific welding requirements by both GMAW & GTAW methods. It is suitable for applications where the component is held in position and the torch rotates for the perfect weld bead.

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Flexi Hose Welder

One of the most difficult process in the hydraulic industry is to weld the flexible metallic hoses that not only requires high precision but also controlled skill to orchestrate the pattern of weld to fuse the initial layers.

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Racking Beam Welder

As one of the pioneers in welding solutions we have successfully designed and developed a multi stage tandem beam welding solution that caters to the racking industry, construction industry and whole lot of other similar applications.

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