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Racking Beam Welder

Racking Beam Welder - Multi profile pallet rack beam welding solution

As one of the pioneers in welding solutons we have successfully designed and developed a mult stage tandem beam welding soluton that caters to the racking industry, constructon industry and whole lot of other similar applicatons.

From a beam length of 500mm to 5000mm & profiles of 40mm to 200mm the system addresses highest number of variables in components for welding. Our fourstageparallelloading,unloading&weldingprocess contributes to the lowest amount of tme required to weld any standard beams. For example a 40mm * 60mm beam gets produced within 22 seconds, this is practcally tested and currently in use in one of the leading racking industry.

Racking Beam Welder Features & Benefits

  • Faster Movement : Runs up to 150mm/sec in Closed loop system.
  • Swift Welding : Variable from 5mm/sec to 50mm/sec.
  • Complex profiles ranging from, Linear, spherical, conical & helical interpolation can be done.
  • 12” Wide screen Human Machine Interface.
  • Load capacity on fixture bed is up to 15kgs on single fixture, combined load is up to 80kgs.
  • CAD2MOTION software support option.
  • DXF Import programming option available.
  • Closed cage cable management systems.
  • Gearbox with high precision and low backlash of 6 Arcmin.
  • Milled Bottom base frame mounting bed.
  • Motion Control Systems with 64bit compared to 32bit position precision registers & with 533Mhz Arm11 processor & enabled up to 24 axes.
  • Ethernet communication-based Servo Systems which optimizes complete closed loop motion control with safety interlocks.
  • Additional Input & Output Module for safety systems & provision for expansion of axes as option.
  • New & Improvised NIKIT – Teach User Interface with 100 lines of single teach program & expandable up to 250 lines also available.
  • IIOT module integrated for online data & alert monitoring (requires internet connectivity). All the data logging & machine process alert files with program upgradation can be done online.
  • Play / Pause feature for step-by-step analysis of weld program.
  • Component presence monitoring system for weld safety.
  • Aluminum Al6164 for component fixture & Main Rotary plate for high heat dissipation and low holding torque.
  • Multiple cycle selection for either two side welding or four side welding of the component.
  • Average production rate of 25 sec per component output rate for a 40*60 structural beam right from loading to unloading.smoother delivery.
  • Auto unloading system with ejecting mechanism & roller assembly for smoother delivery.





Racking Beam Welder Applications

Z Beam Welding

Structure Beam Welding

Roll Form Beam Welding

C Beam Welding

E-Commerce Industry


Food Processing Industry

Automobile Industry

Data Logging and Cloud Monitoring

The machine Data Logger represents leading edge technology in welding and machine data collection and logging. The micro-controller based weld data acquisition system provides a means of measuring and documenting all basic machine parameters when used with external PC.
Cloud-based monitor that requires either an Ethernet connection or can be used on a cellular network. Once the physical connections have been set and powered, the rest of the setup is

Basic Feature

  • Input & Output Monitoring
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • LAN Module
  • Sequence Reports
  • Purging Enable / Disable
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Machine Data Logging
  • Weld Cycle Limits

Advanced Feature

  • Error Report Sheets
  • Gas Pressure Monitoring
  • Wire Feed Monitoring
  • Air Pressure Monitoring
  • Camera Monitoring System
  • Operator Data Logging
  • + Basic Features

Monitoring Benefits

Operator Data Logging

  • Can get the reports of operator work timings in the machine.

Air Pressure Monitoring

  • Complete machine pneumatic line air pressure can be monitored.

Error Report

  • Machine errors, input/output errors, sequence errors etc. Can be monitored through the report generated by the system.

Sequence Report

  • Machine sequence. Flow chart can be monitored.

Machine Data Logging

  • Machine used time, production rate, power consumption etc can be monitored.

Weld Cycle Limits

  • Can monitor and set the weld cycle limits per shift or based on the production requirements.

Wire Feed Monitoring

  • MIG / TIG wire feeding can be monitored. (Helps in planning for the pre ordering of wire spools without interrupting the production)

Maintenance Monitoring

  • Machine maintenance report, online service, programming modification/ change, copy etc can be done.

Purging Enable/Disable

  • Fine art of getting a URUNAMI weld bead by creating a gas chamber inside the component. (feature is available only for the orbital welder)

Camera Monitoring System

  • Can monitor & access the camera setting and features. (If camera is used in the machine)

Remote Monitoring

  • All features of the machine can be monitored over the internet through this Machine facility.

LAN Module

  • LAN cable connecting port is provided to connect & transfer the data from control system to cloud storage facility over internet.

Gas Pressure Monitoring

  • Welding gas pressure can be monitor.

Input & Output Monitoring

  • Machine IP/ OP can be monitored.

Model Specifications

  • X1A, X1B, X1C, X1D AND X2A, X2B, X2C, X2D

    Stroke: Collective 1200mm
    Speed(Peak): 100 Rpm
    Interpolation Speed: 30mm/Sec
  • Y1C AND Y2C
    Stroke: 250 Mm
    Speed(Peak): 100 Rpm
    Interpolation Speed: 30mm/Sec
    Stroke: Endless Rotation
    Speed(Peak): 30°/Sec
    Master & Slave Motion
  • Z1A, Z1B, Z1C, Z1D AND Z2A, Z2B, Z2C, Z2D

    Stroke: Individual 250 Mm
    Speed(Peak): 100 Rpm.
    Interpolation Speed: 30mm/Sec
    Stroke: 360°
    Speed(Peak): 40°/Sec
  • COMPONENT BEAM CLAMPERS C1 (1-4) & (5-8):
    Beam Clamp Stroke: 150mm Pneumatic
    Beam Profile Adjuster: 10mm – 300mm Screw Rod
    Clamp Stroke: 80mm Pneumatic Swivel Clamp
    Clamp Profile Adjuster: 100mm – 250mm

Available Accessories

  • Welding power source TIG
  • Welding power source MIG
  • Fume extraction system
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Auto darkening Welding helmet
  • Gloves & welding apron
  • UPS –3KVA
  • Auto torch cleaning system
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Weld Parameter integration
  • AVC
  • MIG connector kit
  • Special customised fixture – Manual / Auto

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