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Ultra Clean Technology Partners with Nikit Engineers for Advanced Welding Solutions of Flexible Hoses



Ultra Clean Technology (UCT) Partners with Nikit Engineers for Advanced Welding Solutions of Flexible Hoses

Ultra Clean Technology (UCT), a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial applications, flexible hoses, stainless steel flexible hoses, and chip manufacturer in Israel, recently discovered a highly impressive product trial video by Nikit Engineers, a renowned provider of Robotic Welding Automation Solutions in India. Intrigued by Nikit Engineers’ trial works and welding solutions, UCT decided to enquire about specific welding solutions and sent their components to Nikit Engineers’ factory unit in Bangalore, India. for Advanced Welding Solutions of Flexible Hoses,


The Perfect Welding Solution:

After conducting multiple trials and sharing feedback, Nikit Engineers successfully performed welding on UCT’s samples, focusing on Sleeve Welding and Connector Flexible Hose Welding. The results exceeded UCT’s expectations, leading to their decision to fly to India and witness the welding process firsthand. The team from Nikit Engineers flawlessly executed the welding, displaying the satisfactory results to UCT. They further requested Nikit Engineers to perform a pneumatic line test by immersing it in water to assess the water pressure on the southern bar. Nikit Engineers successfully passed the water test, demonstrating the quality of their welding solutions.


Assurance of Welding Quality:

To ensure the quality of the welding, Team UCT tested the components on three different parameters. They split the component into two halves to assess the penetration inside. This test cleared certain doubts that concerned the UCT team. Additionally, UCT mentioned that they provide support to Intel and emphasized the importance of stringent conditions for chip manufacturing firms. UCT’s flexible hoses received approval for meeting the stringent requirements of chip manufacturing companies, including Intel.


Choosing Nikit Engineers:

UCT highlighted their thorough evaluation process, mentioning visits to manufacturers in France and Turkey. While the French manufacturer had high-quality machines, they lacked flexibility in parameter customization. On the other hand, the Turkish manufacturer failed to meet UCT’s expectations. Finally, UCT decided to collaborate with Nikit Engineers due to their world-class quality, flexible solutions, and their status as leaders in the industry.

 Best decision to Partner with Nikit Engineers

UCT’s partnership with Nikit Engineers for advanced welding solutions and flexible hoses marks a significant development in their pursuit of excellence. Impressed by Nikit Engineers’ trial works and the successful live welding demonstrations, UCT has found a reliable and innovative partner in India. With this collaboration, UCT is confident in delivering high-quality industrial applications, flexible hoses, and chip manufacturing solutions to their customers. The success story between UCT and Nikit Engineers stands as a testament to the importance of global partnerships in the industrial manufacturing sector.


If you are seeking a trusted partner for your robotic welding automation needs, Nikit Engineers offers a compelling package. With their industry experience, technological prowess, customised solutions, comprehensive services, skilled team, focus on quality, and customer-centric approach, they are well-equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. Choose Nikit Engineers and experience the benefits of efficient, precise, and reliable robotic welding automation in your business.

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