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My journey through the Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has disturbed the entire world, and our country has also been affected severely for the same. The entire country came to a standstill and all the activities had been stopped with minimal human interaction due to announcement of lockdown by our prime minister to avoid spreading of the disease.

I use to travel so many places in and around Bangalore and also visited various companies to attend installations and services of our machines. Travel, meeting, documenting, testing, service and installation have been a part of my regular activities in the office before lockdown. But the pandemic had uprooted everything.

This is a crucial period and calls for everyone to act socially responsible and adhere to our duties as a part of our society. Though the conditions were abnormal in our society, my company gave me opportunities and facilities to work from my home which is very strange for me. Really I’m very much thankful to my company for supporting us even during dreadful situation .During the initial stages of lockdown we started collecting data of various enterprises around the world to whom we can cater our products and services and started our marketing campaigns. Once the lockdown was liberal, I started supporting our customers for service, installations, and other general meetings through social network platforms like Whatsapp, Google duo and zoom applications.

Apart from my official activities, I started to spend more time with childhood friends and my family members. Especially the time spent with my father gave me a different experience. He owns a grocery store nearby my home. Luckily, the store was open even during lockdown so I used to help my father since workers were not available. We started selling farm fresh vegetables and fruits in large quantities that was very much in demand. Three of my friends joined me for home delivery (to avoid overcrowding in the shop) of vegetables using bicycles as motorcycles were not allowed.

Everything went really well, but unfortunately I received a disturbing news that, a family of four members had committed suicide near my village due to lack of food and money. This incident shocked me and I was much worried since they were very close to me. To avoid such extreme situations, I donated my 2 months salary to help the needy people in my village and later my family and friends joined me to help them. We provided free meals for the homeless and also supplied essential cooking items and other needs for more than 100 families in and around my area.

I have learnt so many lessons from this lockdown. In fact I added one more formula to my life that is “Helping the poor”. Really, this lockdown made me realize, what life is. I think the contribution done by me & my dear ones was the best thing among all the other activities during the lockdown.

By Ansari, Support Head

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