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How this pandemic has transformed us

From the past few months this pandemic (covid -19) is spreading all over the globe in colossal manner, growing into a life threat to millions of people and becoming a prevailing reason to shake the strong fundamentals of many nations. It has made a sizable impact on almost everyone in the world, nobody is free from the impact created by this virus.

Unforeseen entry of this virus has thrown millions of lives on to streets by vigorously encroaching their work and personal life. It has made everyone think in a new perspective regarding their livelihood. In this challenging situation everyone needs to be positive, courageous and patience.

Before the arrival of this pandemic, my life was limited only to office, room and canteen. It is not an exaggeration to convey that lock down made me realize and change my perspective towards health, family, agriculture, spirituality and many more other aspects of life.

Work, money, stress, busy city life, everything was put to an end. The Pandemic has brought back the beautiful moments of my life before this in a new way, it has brought joy to me and my family.

When I was young, I had memories of going to the farm, eating healthy organic fruits of the pure environment, drinking fresh water flowing by the coffee and tea plantations, playing around the beautiful lush green forest it was blissful feeling of heaven on earth.  Walking into the farm today after a really long time brought back those memories.

Not only me, most people have been given a chance to go to the farm whenever they get time, to take note of the cultivation and to learn the way farmers do it.

Having a meal together with the family members, playing board games during tea time, created a happy atmosphere at home.

In the previous years, work from home facility was somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks a year, now it is become a part of my daily life from the past 4 or 5 months. Earlier we used video calling to connect with our family and friends who are abroad. But now everything has changed , in order to finish our work from home, we have to discuss and contact our colleagues by using all the necessary online channels such as Skype, Zoho, Zoom etc, which has become a routine now.

Transformation is the world policy and is essential, who transforms himself with changing time and walks with it will be successful in life. This lock down has provided a good opportunity for the employees to nurture and hone their skills and to improve their state of mind.

If man transforms himself and presents himself to nature, nature will also preserve him as its children. Whenever we stand against nature, it displays its own form and shows man and his powers are no comparison to natural phenomenon. If we do not live up to this truth, Nature creates new ways to withhold the destruction, this has been demonstrated time and again. It is time that we thank and show our gratitude to Mother Nature, this is the way forward for us and the coming generations for a better tomorrow.

By Athmiya Sr. Design Engineer – Automation

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